Children in the SCA

Stefan's Florilegium page on Children (collection of over two dozen files)

When all the issues of ThinkWell are online, the sections on children will be linked here. In the meantime it occurs to me to point out that my daughter Holly, who was an infant when blue paper ThinkWells were going out is nearly fifteen as I write this. Much more can be said about children by many more people now.

Here's something I wrote years back on children's costumes, and it has had others' comments and some photos added over the years: CHILDREN'S COSTUMES at SCA EVENTS

Gunwaldt's commentary in July 2007, on new restrictions on children's activities. Gunwaldt and I have argued against "children's officers" and separate activities for as long as it's been discussed, though we did one year have children's activities in our camp at Outlandish, all period (except for the polaroid photos on the bulletin board to help the adults know who was who among the kids), pretty elaborate and too much work for questionable benefits.