Notes, ThinkWell #6

When TW #6 was mailed out, there were 64 subscribers distributed as follows: WEST 7, EAST 5, MIDDLE 4 , ATENVELDT 5 , MERIDIES 4, CAID 5 , ANSTEORRA 1, ATLANTIA 2, AN TIR 2, CALONTIR 1, TRIMARIS 2, OUTLANDS 26,

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FOOTNOTES for ThinkWell #6

1    Because the Secretary of the Interior is from New Mexico?

2   For obvious reasons, doing this in the Crown or Coronet Lists is especially effective. Those who want to win these so badly that they will refuse to count blows get a real (and salutary) shock from being forced to notice that someone else values other things more.

3   Aha—why did I say "other peers”? I see dedication and activity as part of my service to the kingdom. I see traveling to other groups and knowing people part of my duty as a Laurel to teach, and to know and encourage up-and-coming musicians (in my case) or other artists. When non-peers don’t travel I just figure they’re not interested in things outside their own group. That’s fine. They’re under no obligation to care about the neighbors. When peers don’t travel I resent their not being interested in things outside their own group. They accepted a position (kind of like a job) from the Society which they’re falling down on. Many non-peers travel (I did) and people here notice and appreciate it.

4   —or isn’t with a vengeance; touchy subject—ælflaED

5   Duke or no duke, this kid is starting to piss me off. The Walker of the Way is full of ex- and vestigial "hippies,” and I married the first of those viking princes, and he wasn’t drunk but let’s not discuss what he was. I hate to be put in the position of defending Atenveldt, but it’s been many years since the puking/foo foo incidents, and those can be credited to a single faction of a single barony, so with generosity of spirit let us hope that all kingdoms will become closer to the ideals they hold. —Ælflæd

6   William the Lucky, who provided most of these notes on Western Triple Peers, wrote "Dunharrow had a Laurel which he converted to a Pelican when Pelicans were invented because he felt that’s what he got his Laurel for and he wanted to set an example. Eventually he got another Laurel.”