Why Trees are Brown

Someone came to my blog and complained about the tree art below and on the page that links to.
"Anonymous" (I'm assuming a young female in eastern Canada, but I could be wrong) said:
I have something to say about your tree on your blog. I have never seen a brown tree. Trees are mostly gray,birch is white. Some might say: there's brown on "that" tree but it's where the bark has come off. Your tree reminds me of school kids being told to make a brown tree with a "loli-pop"top in school.If there are brown trees i would love to see them but they are probably rare. Unschooling is real maybe your tree should be more real. more unschooley.

and later

You must take take your tree off your page and put a wild,wind blown,real tree on your blog...now! ;)

And there was more.

I don't like "anonymous" enough to repair her spelling and punctuation. The smiley didn't begin to appease me. The whole thing was irritating.

The trees below were created by Bo King who grew up in Albuquerque where trees look like these, in my yard. I love the tree art Bo did. I asked him to make happy dancing trees, a mom and three baby trees, and he did. Thanks again, Bo! Now you're a controversial artist.