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For now:

On the rialto, a kind of trivia question turned into a Discussion on vigils (how many peers are involved) from the Rialto. When you're at that site, you can search for older vigil topics.

In that topic, Stefan li Rous left links to good-parts collections in Stefan's Floregium:
peerage-cerem-msg (16K) 9/18/06 Thoughts on SCA Peerage ceremonies.

peerage-vigls-msg (7K) 3/29/01 Comments on SCA Peerage Vigils.

In older versions of TW already online, vigils started to be mentioned in Issue #6 under the heading Offering Peerage: Now or Later?. Vigils are discussed here in TW #7...

Here's a quote from a topic that wasn't wholly about vigils, in TW #6:

I have told people in their vigils that they are about to become one of our little world's celebrities and people will watch them, quote them, misquote them and gossip about them.

—AElflaed of Duckford (Outlands)

When I read that fifteen years later, I realized I hadn't said that for many years in a vigil, and had forgotten about it. It's true, but it doesn't contribute to the uplifting and encouraging atmosphere I came to think vigils should have.