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I have a request for input on the topic of what makes a good SCA squire. If you can think of a particular story of a moment when you saw a squire do something that added to the magic of an event for you, or if you've been involved in a squire/knight relationship or close to a good one, what might be some good bits of advice for someone wanting to be a particularly good squire?


Conde Fernando responded:

* A desire to be a "good man," with all that entails (honesty, courtesy, generosity, respect etc..) and a willingness to work for that goal even when it is difficult.

* A desire to make the SCA, their Kingdom, their local group, and their household a better place, and a willingness to work towards that goal.

(I could almost just stop here since these two incorporate so much.)

* A desire to learn, and a willingness to work for that learning. Basically that they keep _trying_ to improve. That they accept accept instruction with joy, correction with grace, and praise with humility. Not just as fighters, but as artisans and a servants. I believe very strongly that all three aspects are equally important for a squire.

* Service:

* First to their own families needs and comforts. This is the greatest promise they have made and it must take precedence over those made within our game.

* Next to their own needs - not necessarily wants and comforts, but certainly needs. A physically exhausted, damaged or burned out squire is not much good to anyone - their family, their Knight,or their friends.

* Following these comes service to Crown, Kingdom, The Knight's Lady, and the Knight.

* A desire to widen their horizons. Both to look at other aspects of the SCA of they have not experienced (be they arts, skills, forms of combat, etc) and other places. They should also have an understanding that what's over the hill may be different, but that different does not mean worse.

* A desire to work towards the ideals of the peerage. This of course is mostly covered in the points above, but I wish to state it specifically here to note that the desire should be to strive for the ideals of the peerage - not simply the peerage itself.

* And, finally that they have fun.

Hopefully I've not forgotten anything major, but as I noted the first couple items above could probably cover it all.


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Conde Fernando Rodriguez de Falcon, KSCA, OP, OL
Barony of Three Rivers, Kingdom of Calontir

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One day last spring Kirby (who was four) saw Marty (two) trying hard to work a little tray puzzle at home. He said "Marty do you want me to show you an easy way to put this together?" "Yeah, Kirby," said Marty. Kirby said "Okay. You can be my squire," and then very patiently helped him put the puzzle together.

—AElflaed of Duckford, Outlands
(1991, in ThinkWell #4)

Humility and Formality, which deals in part with the problem of being squired to a duke


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