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Meryl wrote: We love the Thinking Sticks.

I just wanted to share with you that the minute I opened the package and emptied them onto the table, my son Logan (6yo) was intrigued.

He started setting up word combinations and wanted to know how the words could be connected. My husband and I have also had fun playing with them. And, thanks for the little extras in the package! Logan loves popsicles, so we are collecting them and adding to the set.

The experience also helped me really "get" strewing more. I put the Thinking sticks in a pretty bowl on our coffee table along with a set of Story Cubes I bought and a few other random items.
It's been fun!

As I've been buying Logan his small Chanukah gifts for each night I am looking for things that are not part of his usual repertoire.

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There is a sweet review and recommendation of Thinking Sticks on the blog Three Blind Wives

Raundi Moore-Kondo uses Thinking Sticks in writing workshops she leads.

She wrote "Over the years I have used Thinking Sticks about ten different ways, but here are a couple of my “tried and true” favorites. Warning: They can make it impossible for your pen to keep up with your brain." Read the rest here..

We were having a ball with the thinking sticks today! I started doing them myself and Kira came over and asked what I was doing. I showed her the game and she wanted to play, too. So, we played and she was really good at it! She came up with a lot of things that I wouldn't have thought of myself. I was surprised, I had thought it might be something that older kids would enjoy more. I realize that anyone, at any age can play it though! My 6 yr old and I love it! If we couldn't think of anything, we'd just make up sentences using both words.
I got to listen to part of the ...parenting tape already, and we looked over the "thinking sticks". They look cool. We got sidetracked (of course - lol!) with the Warnings, though, and haven't actually "played" with the sticks yet. Hee hee!

Thanks for fast shipping. And thank you for helping me to be a better parent!

Kathryn Baptista:

Hi Sandra.... I wanted to let you know that I am preaching at the church I work at on Sunday. My topic is Learning as a Spiritual Practice. As I was writing, I came across this cool quote. The Greek philosopher Heraclitus wrote, "A wonderful harmony arises from joining together the seemingly unconnected."

I started thinking about that, looked over at the shelf near my desk, and landed on the Thinking Sticks I bought from you years ago, before the first L&L conference.

Then I thought....what if I can make part of the sermon interactive? So I'm going to have the ushers pass out sticks as people come in, and play with them a couple of times during the sermon. I'm also going to suggest that they play with them during Coffee Hour. (I've credited you in the sermon.)

Just thought you might be interested.

Lyle: We drew the first two sticks and dropped them on the table. We started thinking and talking and...

2 1/2 hours later we had to stop to make dinner, lol. Needless to say, your Thinking Sticks were a hit. Lots of fun and laughing. Lots of connections I never would have made. Lots of happy thinking going on.

I just wanted to let you know and to say thanks for such a wonderful opportunity.

Karen: They're really cool. I ordered a set several months ago and we get them out occasionally. It helps to have a computer, dictionary, or encyclopedia nearby because you're always running off to look up things.

Joy:   I bought Thinking Sticks last year. They are so fun. My husband and I find that they are great memory jump-starters......... off we go on some rabbit trail and never do complete a game. Can you actually finish a game? My teenagers enjoy them as well as the 5 yo. My 5yo dd likes to sort them by colors. Thinking Sticks is the most portable game, we almost always take them when we go out of town.

The material enclosed with the sticks is wonderful! I've gotten all excited about these again, I think I'll go play a game.

Kathryn: I ordered the Thinking Sticks a while ago, and we LOVED them. (I think Sandra said we were her first Paypal cutomers!) Anyway, at Christmas we have a tradition of making gifts for one another, and, inspired by the TS, I made my son and partner a Skit Kit. The sticks have characters, situations, places, props, etc., and they can take one, two, or more and create quick skits. We've also used them for the church Youth Group. [same Kathryn who wrote about using the in a sermon later (above)]

Helena: I think your sticks are wonderful! Keep selling them...

Here are two things you might add:

Reality TV

Reenie: I received your thinking sticks yesterday. Eve loved them—she played with them while I sewed (Peter Pan dolls). We had a nice discussion about gravity (physics stick) and why she can't fly (like Peter Pan). Annie(2) lined them up and said what the colors are.

You are a truly inspiring person. (and you crack me up)

Karen: Sandra, everyone who received them has absolutely RAVED about them. Cindy said she sat down with someone who lives in her house who is working on his PhD and they talked for a couple of hours using the sticks! Such a simple concept had these cerebral, commune-living, hippy types engrossed for hours. ;)
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