(Posted by Sir Stefan before Outlandish XXXIV)

They have been posts on this, other lists and in local newsletters on what to bring to camping events, but I have found them to be missing in one major area needed during spring time events. This item is what we have come to call "snubbery".

Our household has been enjoying the benefits of snubbery for many years now and consider it a major component of our campsite. Originally designed to designate the boundaries and entrance for our camp, its major benefit is that of a windbreak. Well constructed snubbery and shade has made our camp very enjoyable even with the spring winds howling past our camp.

We construct our snubbery in handable lengths designed to accept the next length of snubbery with an interlocking design. At each end of the snubbery are the keyed sleeves that "mesh" with the next piece's keyed sleeve. Depending on the length of fabric (about every 10 ft or so) are sleeves designed to go over support poles. For our use we use electrical conduit or EMT(1/2" or 3/4") cut to 5 ft. lengths that go over rebar (1/2") pounded in to the ground. We selected this length as EMT comes in 10 ft lengths at most hardware stores and is easily cut to this length. 2 ft. lengths of rebar will suffice for supporting the EMT. The creative aspect of your snubbery is in the decorating of the panels. We did stenciling for a large portion of our recent snubbery. The pyrates sails are a great example of snubbery adapted to their households persona.

As we can expect the winds to blow, tie off and stake down the ends of your snubbery for more support. And speaking of ties and stakes, bring extra as you can't fool with mother nature.

Here's looking to seeing more snubbery and happy campers.


p.s. If you liked this idea I like a decent ale on a warm spring day.

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