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The idea of formally declaring oneself an SCA anchoress is interesting. I was in Norwich in 2003, and saw the cell of Julian of Norwich. I didn't get many pictures, but here is the Cloister at that church. It was dark, and the digital camera was unsupported by anything but me, so it is blurry. But it gives the feel of her place.
Eowyn Amberdrake, Caid

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Your Excellency,

When i lived in england, I had the chance to go to Warwick Castle, it's just outside of Birmingham (sortaish). and in the picture you have here[AEditorial note: in case that link stops working, the image is at right, unless that link stopped working...]
there was a spot near the chapel of the Castle that looked an awful lot like that this here..speaks a bit about the achorite's and a connection to Warwick castle


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