Tule of Tehri

Baron Tule of Tehri, Caerthe, Outlands
Tule of Tehri, Baron of the Court (registered name Tuathal of Tehri), was active in the Outlands in pre-principality days, and had many friends both north and south in those times.

Keith Hunter died of lung cancer, September 4, 2018.

Bio in TW #5
"Why are you still in the SCA?" and the story of TULE OF TEHRI

Outlands heraldry info on Tule

Story told when talking about knots, facebook, my page, May 2021:

(I had written that Keith Hunter/Tule knew a lot of knots, too, and someone said I'd used the past tense. I wrote:
He died in 2018. I had known him since 1979, maybe '78. When he was young he was sweet, and fun, and funny. The last couple of times I saw him, he was harsh; maybe he was hurting. But he knew knots and the history and uses of knots, and how they were used in different places.

Some people know knots from boy scouts and use them for camping and garden things. Some people know knots from boating or the navy or an interest in naval history. Tule grew up in Pakistan, though (missionary parents), and got his first knot interest then, and later was interested in historical uses.

I loved his broad knowledge, and his storytelling.

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