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Thomas the Wordsmith

Master Thomas the Wordsmith of Castle Leviathan, Meridies, (mka Thomas E. Fuller) passed from this life on November 21, 2002. A former Kingdom Seneschal of Meridies, the premier Poet Laureate of the Realm, genuine Force of Nature, Guest Conductor at the Lake Lanier Medieval Festival one year, and gifted painter of word-pictures, Thomas was a pillar upon which Meridies originally stood, and spoke with the voice of Deities when he would intone: "Hear me. Hear my voice. Hear now........"

—AEdward of Glastonburh

Thomas Megatherium of Castle Leviathan, called the Wordsmith. He was truly larger than life. Six and a half feet tall. Deep, booming voice. "Hear me. Hear my words." Thick black hair (silver in later years), heavy beard, pipe. Flowing black and purple attire.

He was a poet, playwright, performer, a Companion of the Order of the Laurel, and more. It is said that he and Master Cathal traded off being Kingdom Bard and/or Poet Laureate for "about ten reigns". The performance of his "Voices of Camelot" was a highlight of Red Tower 20. He helped start the "Medieval Knightly News" (see above). He passed from this life from a heart attack in November 2002. Many people from the olden days of the kingdom from South Downs and Bryn Madoc paid their respects at his funeral.

The Tale of Cake Pans, a true story of the wisdom of a kingdom seneschal, in which the thoughtful action of Master Thomas improved Meridies for all time

Thomas E. Fuller, notes toward a biography

In December 1982, Master Thomas represented Meridies at a meeting of the kingdom seneschals, in Stargate. He's in the back, on the right. Click the photo to see more of that weekend.