Richard the Strange

Dear Friends of Rick Felix,
aka Master Richard the Strange, musician, teacher, friend:

It is with great sadness that I pass along the following news, received Saturday, Nov. 8, at 7:58 a.m. from Barb Glenn, wife of Dan (Igor) Glenn of the local performing community.

“Rick Felix was returning from a gig in Page last night, in a van with Gail Rolland (wife of fiddle player Peter Rolland.) They were stopped near Cordes Junction, waiting for traffic to clear from a large accident ahead of them. The van was hit by another car. Rick was thrown out and killed. Gail had a cell phone, and was able to call her husband who called (the Glenn’s) at 3:30 this morning. We have no further details at this time. Rick’s father and family are in the LA area, so we don’t know what arrangements will be. We will let everyone know as we know. I’ve called Dick Knutes (Igor’s too upset to talk at this time.) Please relay this information to Rick’s many, many friends. -- Barbara”
My sincere sorrow for Pam and Rick's family. We await further information. May I echo Barb, please pass this along.

Respects and regards to all,


Obituary of Master Richard of Arkham, called "the Strange", O.L. was a founding member of the Kingdom of Atenveldt, and much beloved by all who knew him.

Master Richard's contributions to the formation of the Kingdom of Atenveldt were important and varied, most importantly his generosity in sharing his study of medieval European music both liturgical and secular. His rich store of knowledge and talent were tempered with humor, making him the most popular performer among early Aten artisans. Most famous was his medievally inspired version of "Dueling Banjos" played on tuba vs. Sir Edeard's bagpipes.


Rick Felix was born April 23, 1946 in Los Angeles, California, Rick grew up in the LA suburb of Culver City and graduated from Culver City High School in 1964. He received a Bachelor of Music degree from Arizona State University in 1972 and Master of Arts in Music from California State University at Los Angeles. He has also done post-graduate work in music education, history, theory and ethnomusicology at Arizona State, UCLA and the University of Phoenix. He taught public school music in the State of Arizona for 26 years before retiring in 1998.

Rick worked off and on as a coffeehouse folk singer in the late sixties, performing solo, and with Arizona folk and country personalities and managing the Inner Ear CoffeeHouse in Tempe from 1968 through 1971.

Finally settling in the Greater Phoenix area of Arizona, Rick could be heard around the Valley of the Sun at any given time performing traditional jazz or big bandmusic on tuba or trombone. He often took on the role of mariachi, trumpeter,guitarist and/or vocalist. At other times he might be singing traditional Irish or Scottish ballads, playing bagpipes at a wedding or golf tournament, or even performing chamber music with a brass quintet, just to name a few genres.

But the music of the American Cowboy held a special place in his heart since he was a very little boy. He had a particular affinity for the traditional western ballads, particularly those reflecting the musical culture of his father, whose family hailed from the states of Sonora and Chihuahua in Mexico, as well as that of his mother's heritage from County Cork, Ireland; hence his moniker "EL VAQUERO CELTICO", the Irish (and Mexican) Cowboy.

In addition to his role as a solo cowboy singer, Rick served as lead vocalist for The Nightriders, a cowboy trio comprised of Rick, National Fiddle Champion Peter Rolland and renowned banjo and bass player Lee Gendvillas. He also filled the position of lead singer and bagpiper for Crossbow, a Celtic ensemble well known in the state of Arizona for its authentic renderings of Irish and Scottish instrumental and vocal music.

In November of 2000, Rick was awarded the prestigious title of Western Music Association's Male Yodeling Champion 2000, a title that was again awarded to him in 2002. In the year 2001, he was nominated for Western Music Association's Male Performer of the Year. Additionally, Rick now shares with Igor Glenn the title of Western Music Association's Harmony Yodeling Champion 2001.

Rick's recordings include his solo albums (Available on his website below): THE YODELIN' COWBOY PIPER and RICK FELIX SINGS SONGS OF THE SEA.

A devout Catholic with a lifelong devotion to the beauty and study of liturgical music, Rick was heavily involved in the liturgical reform movement, and devoted to a revival of the Latin Mass.

Rick is survived by his wife, Pam.
Services will be at
Our lady of Quito
9009 South 18th Street
Phoenix, AZ 85042
on Saturday November 22, 2003
Rosary at 10:30 am
Visitation at 11:00 am
Casket will be open for visitation and closed for funeral service
Funeral service at 11:30
Church phone number is 602-268-7311

Pam asks that in lieu of sending flowers donations be made to the Rick Felix Memorial Scholarship. She is in the process of setting up that Account, so at this point, checks should be mailed to Pam and made out to the "Rick Felix Scholarship Fund."

Pam would love to hear from all of Rick's friends.

Information included here was taken from Rick's website: http://

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