Northshield passings

Viscountess Shava (Elashava bas Riva) sent seven obituaries in the fall of 2012:

Margyt Weaver
4 February1940 - 6 August 2012
Lady Margyt Weaver was an active member of the Shire of Mistig Waetru for all of her time in our Society. Many of us knew her through her writings, in persona, of her life in Rockland. She was the Lady of the Manor of Rockland, circa 1100, in Mercia, Northern England, on the Scottish border. She was honored in our Society with the awards of the Cygnus & Balefire and was a companion of the Order of the Pyxis. Her arts included weaving, period gardening, and herbalism; her service was strong to her Shire and she was often their Minister of Arts & Sciences or their Chancellor of the Exchequer. Jessica Speer had a Master's degree in bioscience and worked as a nurse, among other professions, for many years. She lived in various places, including a winter in Barrow, Alaska, before settling in Rockland, Michigan. She shared her weaving and many other talents with many weaving groups. She had one son, Adam, and a grandson, Damon (known in the SCA as Damon the Gatekeeper) who she immortalized in her tales of Rockland. She loved animals and her last canine companion, Fiona, was known to many.

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Friedrich of Augsburg, OP
29 July1955 - 24 June 2012
Known to most of us as "Freddy" (or to Astrid as "Fried Rich"), received honors over the years for his service and his art. This man truly defined what it was to SERVE for when he stepped down as a Kingdom Great Officer, he stepped into four other positions at the same time, still holding four at the time of his untimely death. Not only was he quite proficient in the scribal arts, including pigment making, he was also an accomplished woodworker and vintner. He was an invaluable counselor to many and usually had a cool head as well as a wonderful sense of humour when many might have lost both. Jim Hoehn was as proficient in his chosen arts (computer graphics) in his modern life using his skills to their greatest potential. He loved food, wine, and life. But most of all, he loved encouraging his lady-wife, Brigid Connor, in her love of the bardic arts.
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John of Calador, OL
12 December1961 - 4 July 2012
Master John, oftimes called Johann, was one of the gentlest souls that has ever graced our Society. John was laureled for his skill in weaving in AS 25 by Dag I and Ilsa I in the Middle Kingdom. John is well remembered for his wit and good humour as well as being an inspiration to almost everyone whose path he crossed. Outside of the SCA, John Wagner traveled the world, from Scotland, to Thailand, to Italy, and more. He was part of a special Papal audience, and met with Mother Teresa of Calcutta on two occasions. He loved theater, and read thousands of books through tapes and CDs. He had an extraordinary memory and penchant for detail, making it hard to believe that he was blind for most of his life.
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Adam Klynsma
Known in the SCA as Adam of Schattentor. Killed in a work accident May 2012.
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Nicholas Dickhut
Known in the SCA as Jacques Louis de Froi. December 31, 1988 - April 30, 2012. Killed in action in Afghanistan.
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Pat Stewart
Known in the SCA as Anne d'Rome St. Augustine, a baroness of the court and a Mistress of the Laurel. Passed away after a long illness, May 2012.
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Richard Mettille
Known in the SCA as Richard of Woodleigh, Passed away after a long illness, May 2012.
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