Kolfinna Kottr
Kitty Sexton

October 1, 2009

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Sir Kolfinna Kottr, KSCA, OP; Caid

Sven has asked that I post that Kolfinna Kottr, Kitty Sexton, has been taken by the Valkyries today (October 1, 2009) at 4:55. She died as a true warrior with friends at her side and a weapon in hand.

Thank you ALL for your continuous support through this extremely trying time.

Thus ends the final court of Kolfinna Kottr.

Long live Kolfinna!

~Auggie **

I don't know how many of you had ever met Kolfinna but I was lucky enough in the past year to have had our paths cross more than once. I can't say that I really knew her (and will admit that I was hoping to get a chance to get to know her better as time went on). What an incredible lady! Full of life, talented, filled with compassion and humour.

I'll never forget when she told me at Gulf Wars that someone actually came up to her and asked if all the Queens of Caid wore a white belt. **shaking my head with a small grin as I remember the look on her face**

I can still picture her in the rapier ravine battle at GW with Queen Alethea of the East fighting across the line from her. It is a scene that will forever stay in my memory.

May her memory live in the hearts of all of those lucky enough to know her and her spirit find a way to live in all of us.


I remain, in service to the Northshield, our Society, and most of all, to the populace~~

Elashava bas Riva, CL, CP,
(mka Sue Gilbert)

Thunder's Ride

With a crash like thunder, Valhalla's gates fly open,
The sound of hoofbeats as the Valkyries ride.
Down the shaking branches of Yggdrasil,
To Midgard's autumn they fly.

Past mountain and desert, storm and sea,
They ride towards their goal.
For a royal knight with pelican's grace,
By a common threat laid low.

Through family and friends, mooring their loss,
To the fallen knights side they come.
Her sword in her hand, for fighting she fell
Her life's journey sadly done.

The Valkryries salute, and hold out their hands,
By mortal eyes unseen, the knight does stand.
On cat-light feet, eyes now open and bright,
Towards Valhalla's gates she rides.

A kingdom is cast in sorrow, the Known World weeps,
A merry and wise Duchess lost to us how?
But in the sky, though the Worldtree's boughs,
Sir Kolfinna rides, a Valkyrie now.

Lord Padraig o Connell, An Tir
Protege to Dame Selene Colfox, Caid
1 October AS44 (2009)

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