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Janet of House Morningstar Houston Chronicle obituary
JANET LOUISE SMITH BOZARTH passed away suddenly early May 22, 2008. Born August 15, 1953 in Long Beach, California, Janet spent most of her life as a Houstonian. She was a 1971 graduate of Clear Creek High School and a 1974 graduate of Sam Houston State University. Janet was the founder and owner of House Morningstar, a historical costume business, specializing in costumes for Renaissance Fairs. She was a life long, energetic member of the Society for Creative Anachronism that sponsors the Renaissance Fairs. She had a passion and talent for a photography, in which she was trained. She loved horses and riding. Janet is survived by her husband of 31 years, James Bozarth; her parents Joyce and Gene Smith of Nassau Bay, TX; brother Richard G. Smith and wife Yuh-Rong, of Northborough, MA.; sister Barbara L. Moses of Memphis, TN.; and sister Christine Byerly and husband Jim, Houston. She is also survived by three beloved nephews and many dear friends. Private memorial gatherings of remembrance will be held by family and friends. Donations in lieu of flowers may be made to American Cancer Society.
And the notes on the webpage are preserved here (those I found) because they're set to expire at some point.

May 31, 2008
Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this time. Janet held a special place in our hearts. When I think of her the first image I have is that special smile she had. She was the first person to talk to me about the SCA at TRF over 20 years ago. When my husband and I talk about TRF she is always there in the conversation as she was an important part of our memories there. She will be sorely missed by one and all.
Alan and Cathy (Aldebaron and Catherine) Eddy (Paola, KS)

May 31, 2008
I can't imagine the SCA without Janet. She was one of the first to welcome me when I moved here. She was always so kind yet managed to keep me in line and helped me in so many ways. Without her and Buttercup, I never would have learned to ride. I will miss her.
Linda (Edith) Lindsey (Humble, TX)

May 31, 2008
Janet was one of the earliest people I met in the SCA. She was very kind to me then and always made time to say hi and chat. I will miss her. Her dedication to the SCA and it's community is profound. My thoughts are with her family and close friends during this time. I will always remember her many kindnesses to me.
Nancy Wederstrandt (Austin, TX)

May 31, 2008 James and Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Janet always had useful and helpful advice for any subject an SCA newcomer needed help with. Through tireless toil, she brought "the SCA dream" to fruition.
We appreciate all of her accomplishments and fostering inspiration in us.
May our memories of Janet's living each day to the fullest, bring us comfort and peace. Sharing your sorrow,
Kim (Ciarnat Of Firethorn) Law (Katy, TX)

May 30, 2008
Our thoughts and prayers are with you in your time of grief. May your memories bring you comfort.
Ronald/Nancy Goforth (Friendswood, TX)

May 30, 2008
I heard late that Lady Janet had passed and was surprised to say the least. All I could think of was how cheerful she was and how she had looked the last time I had seen her. I will miss her of her optimistic outlook and her levelheaded advice on all things be they historical costuming or not.

Wind to your wing Janet, wherever you fly.
Mieka Coppinger (Austin, TX)

May 30, 2008
There are so many memories of Janet, I don't know where to start. Over 20 years ago, Janet held programs for my newcomer household in the SCA, where I began my adventures in the historical organization. She was always quick and ready for a story or explanation to help us 'newbies' figure this 'game' out.
I purchased some of my first garb from Telbryne (James) and Janet's House Morningstar business and the quality is so good, I have those clothes still today.
Having had the honor to work with Janet on her TRF crews, I got to know what a hard working and diligent person she was, never resting, always ready to deal with whatever came up.
Janet's ready smile and curly dark hair will ever be present in my mind whenever I think of TRF, and she will be greatly missed. It just won't be the same without her.
May she travel well in the next realm and I'm sure she's already hard at work on her new mansion, and enjoying the company of friends gone ahead.
Many prayers to those she's left behind.
Marsha Greene (Hillary Greenslade) (Houston, TX)

May 30, 2008
Janet helped my husband make his first armor, and thereby helped set his feet on the path to knighthood. We shared so many memories. I am so glad that she got to meet my grandchildren before she passed. She was hardworking and kind hearted and I will miss her. When we raise a toast to absent friends, she will be named in our hearts. Fare well, my friend. Peace and grace and love be yours.
Sue "Lissa" Jurgens (Houston, TX)

May 28, 2008
Janet will truly be missed in my world. She was always full of life and hope. An example of how to roll ahead even after the worst problems. I envision her sitting in her cloud easy chair with so many other absent friends and they are having a wonderful time watching all of us. Sail on, and I hope I will see you again in the adventure that comes next!
Susan Griffin (Houston, TX)

May 28, 2008
Janet was an old friend of mine from T.R.F. She always helped me when I needed something. She helped design and build the Royal Mint and the S.C.A. compound at T.R.F., both of which still stand. I'll miss her greatly. My section of T.R.F. won't be the same without her.
God speed and fare thee well.
Love, Alan
Alan Hutton (Baytown, TX)
To the loving family of Janet' Smith Bozarth

Knowing James-Telbryne & Janet' of House Morningstar for over 3 decades has been one of the highlights of our family's SCA experiences. We are very thankful for many miles traveled together. We are grateful that fibers of your House Morningstar are woven into the tapestries in our House Mountain-Gate.

We shall think of Janet's twinkle eyes and bright smile always displayed while she found such joy in sharing of her knowledge, her talents, relating a tale, or learning something new herself... or her laughter whether she wielded a construction tool or a warrior's weapon. We shall not forget the "Golden Shield Wall" tabards. We shall not forget Janet' teaching how to make almond-milk. We shall not forget Janet' photographing our children. We shall not forget how, through TxRenFaires, with Janet' as the liason, many Ansteorran groups came to fruition. Janet' has impacted countless people interested in reenacting many different aspects of history.

We are saddened by Janet's sudden passing. A few brief words here could not adequately impart the messages from our hearts.

May you be able to have willful, joyful recall to ease your pain. Please accept deepest sympathy, from your neighbors and friends to your east at the river border,
Simonn & Tessa & Zane; Ben & Liz
Simonn & Tessa (TX)
May 25, 2008
I first met Janet 30 years ago when I was 15 working at the TX Rennaisance festival. I had no idea, but she and her husband James were really looking out for each of us kids. I went out to dinner one night and I never thought to tell them that I went (there were so many of us working there, and I was only one person.) I never heard the end of that! LOL. Even last year when I walked up to their booth at fair for my yearly visit, they said (as usual) "Elizabeth....THERE you are!" Hysterical!

I have had many nice visits with Janet, she always had a good story to tell. She will be greatly missed!

My heart goes out to her family members, especially my friend James. I hope you are all feeling better soon!
Elizabeth Froebel Dahan (Austin, TX)

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