Dafydd the Silvertongue of Deverell
January 7, 1947—January 6, 2017

Viscountess Lore (Lori Taylor) wrote ( on January 7, 2017) :

Sir Dafydd was my first Knight in Shining Armor - although he actually wore beautiful leather lamilar ;-) He was dashing, debonair, and well deserving of the name Silver Tongue. Soon after my hospitalization in early 1976, he decided I needed to get away for a bit. With Heironymous/Jerome, the 3 of us loaded in Dafyyd's white cargo van to drive from Albuquerque to Phoenix for my first Crown Tournament. Along about Show Low, the van broke down. This was *way* before the days of cell phones or the Internet; we had no real choice but to gather up all the garments we had and bed down in the back of the van for the night. Jerome was really surley, because he had a girlfriend waiting in Phoenix for him. The next morning we walked into town, got the van repaired and on our way.

That weekend cemented my love affair with the SCA. It was the largest number of fighters I had seen at one time - all 15 of them! I met Count Pancho and Deaton Claymore/Kelly Mccray, although I was so in awe I don't think I could say anything.

The last time I saw David Grubbs was Grand Outlandish in 2013(?) He traveled up from Texas, and Ulrik and I joined him and the rest of the Olde Pharts camp to sit and reminisce about those early days - Keith Dodd, James Needham Winget, Stefan and Beau, and others I'm sure I'm forgetting. We had just spoken to him this Tuesday, when he assured us he was recovering from his stroke of last year. Today would have been his 70th birthday, and several of us had posted wishes on his page before we heard the news.

Another gallant warrior feasts in Valhalla now. My thanks and love accompany him.

Dafydd the Silvertongue of Deverell (al-Barran) KSCA -- (ATENVELDT) 1975-10-26
Light of Atenveldt -- Atenveldt 1979-06-16
Award of Arms 1975-05-24
Queen's Grace of Atenveldt [Care] -- (Atenveldt) 1976-12-18
Venerable Guard -- the Outlands 1988-02-13

Master Ulrik (Ray Morgan) posted this photo. I believe he probably took it; if not, someone let me know who did, please.

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