His Excellency, Master Evan Mawr
March 1994

Evan was one of the founding members of the Canton of Hawks Hollow in the Barony of Caerthe. In fact, it was his guidance and leadership that allowed the Canton to form and solidify into the strong family that it is today. Evan had always been a voice of council to the Crown and gentle teaching to his students. His contributions were so treasured by the Crown, that he was granted the honor of actually “being” Hawks Hollow. HRM Artan III stated in His Court, “He is Hawks Hollow and Hawks Hollow is he.”

Evan was a man who was well loved and respected. He is greatly missed.

Good night Master. I shall see you again someday. God rest you.

Grateful Apprentice,
Grellan O’Conchobhair O.L.

My former Master (Evan Mawr O.L. God rest his soul) used to make the statement... "The middle ages were exactly what they were supposed to be. Otherwise, the middle ages would be something different and we wouldn't be doing what we are doing now."

Grellan (on the Outlands list, May 29, 2008)

Laurel Atenveldt 1985-01-05
Fleur de Soleil Atenveldt1983-08-13
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Gilded Leaf of CaertheCaerthe1982-01-09
Aspen of Caerthe Caerthe1988-03-26
Award of ArmsAtenveldt1981-07-25
Baron of the Court Outlands1989-05-06
Walker of the Way Outlands 1988-03-26

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