a song by Jon Patterson

Danielle Patterson sent this note:
The song "Autodidact" is ready! Just go to dh's page and download it (and three other songs if you'd like) for free.

Please pass "Autodidact" to all of your unschooling friends!

It's instrumental, with dd Hannah's (14yo) voice being used for the word "autodidact."

And here is some follow-up information:
Hi Sandra,

To begin with, I would like to thank you for all of your writings and inspiration for all of us unschoolers! We have a dd, soon to 15 yo, "never been to school." What a wonderful life!

Just a note to let you know a little back ground on my dh's song that I sent to you yesterday:—

Dh is a self taught musician, began w/the guitar as a 14 yo, and he plays all of the instruments on all of his music, except for the drum track. He produces it on the computer, then sends it to his myspace page or in the case of his cd's he downloads the music to the company that puts it on the cd's, then orders how ever many we can afford to have made. (He tried doing it from home, making the cd's here with a special program, but he wanted something more professional.) He learned how to do all of this on his own, which is very cool to me. The song "Autodidact" is a celebration of the fact that God has made us all that way—able to learn on our own.

Anyway- I had a little more time to type today, so I thought I would give you some back ground.

"Hills of Sinai" is very peaceful, btw. The other two are great, too.

Matthew 10:8-"...freely you have received, freely give." This is why the music is always free. Dh does not make any money on these songs and he gives the cd's away for free.

You are welcome to use this music in anyway you would like, you may use it at your website or link to it- or ignore it:) It's totally up to you, and there are no obligations. We just thought—Hey, Sandra Dodd has been such an inspiration to unschoolers everywhere, let's share the celebration w/her!

Thank you, again,

(August 2008)

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