Morning Glory stories and questions

Emile Tesh wrote:
On one vine I have white flowers, but some of them are half white and half blue, others are white with blue lines coming out of the center like a starburst, others are white with blue specks all on the same vine. Sometimes I'll have three flowers on that one vine with three different patterns. I'm going to save seeds from it because I've never seen this before. On another vine I have magenta flowers with a royal blue accent in the center. Are these normal colors?

My response:
They sound wonderful! I've had the magenta with blue, and I've had various blue-line and starbursts, but I've never had white and I don't think I've had specks. If you get a chance to send photographs (or links to photos) I'd love to include them on that page!

I don't think I've had different things on the same vine, but it's so hard to tell when they're crowded. What I have learned is that if I have heavenly blues (the bigger pretty light-blue ones), they will get all mish-mash pollinated with other morning glories unless I have JUST heavenly blues, which I've done a couple of years (long in the past). Their seeds are shaped differently, but after they grow out with all kinds, they all become various shades of pink/blue/purple. I don't mind a bit. 🙂

Sometimes I get seeds that are not black, but tan. I separated them out one year and planted them on the far side of the house to see what would happen. They grew fine. More of their seeds were tan than not, but still some of the seeds were dark.

Maybe they're like puppies or kittens—you can have a mixed litter!


No, I don't mind. I planted fuschia and blue. I soaked hem in water over night so they would germinate faster and I'm wondering if maybe that's what did it or possibly there were mixed seeds in the packet. But all of the colors have seemed to cross together. It's different because the vines of the white/blue flowers are different than the magenta and blue vines. They are not very flexible and they don't take on that woody look like the others do after a period of time. They stay bright green and stiff. I'll take pictures of them.

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