The first Learn Nothing Day, 2008

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"I just can't learn nothing, it's impossible, even with my old, feeble brain. I turned on the computer and was assaulted with all sorts of information. Imagine how hard it will be for the girls with their sharp, shiny new brains."

Flo Gascon

"I just love Learn Nothing Day! My 5 year old said to me today, 'Mom is that possible.... to have a day where we don't learn something?' ;) "

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on the first annual international

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Unschoolers need a holiday. When people ask if they homeschool in the summer, they say yes. When people ask when they have a break from learning, they say never.

This has gone on for a long time now.

July 24, 2008 will be the first (and maybe last) annual Learn Nothing Day a vacation for unschoolers, though it may be celebrated by anyone who wishes.

Learn Nothing Day is void in Utah, and people in Utah will know why. Special dispensation for Utah unschoolers: Learn Nothing will be celebrated in Utah on July 25.

Images from 2008

Primeiro Dia Internacional de Nada Aprender
or "O Dia de Nao Aprender Nada "
DARN IT—I don't remember which was the preferred final decision...
La Prima Giornata Mondiale
del "Oggi non si impara"

Melissa Dietrick, Italian coordinator
"La Journée Sans Rien Apprendre"
"El Dia de No Aprender Nada"
Barbara Perez, liason to the Spanish-speaking world
O le aso e leai se mea afia.
Emmy Tofa will coordinate lack of learning in Polynesia.
Erster Internationaler Welt-nichtslerntag
Bea Mantovani
Lopearopnop Noptophopinopgop Dopayop
(Ropobopinop Bop)
dai wut bees fur lernin nuttin
ghoj pagh jaj
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"9:37 am -
Took a break to remind the kids (who were just getting up) that today was Learn Nothing Day and that they should certainly take advantage of this opportunity to... learn nothing.
"They looked at me like I was a total moron."

" My son said since learning is fun it isn’t something that should be avoided. Smart little guy I have there."

"Violet gets up, informed her it's Learn Nothing Day and that she's to learn nothing today, she looks at me like I'm nuts." Lots of families, lots of photos ART ART ART IN PROGRESS with notes good song
a blog that's gone, but a cache survives (with good comments) (also in the comments) (a link to Ren's page)

Not a link back, but a YouTube video:

Here is art in several sizes for making your own signs, magnets, t-shirts... I know not what you might want to make, but as long as you let people know the art was done by me and Holly, feel free to go and make things for your family and friends. Images with links are there too, for blogs and such.

The art in progress (story of the logo with photos)

Guide to the art on the Learn Nothing Day logo

Maybe for next year... Buy a shirt, or a mug, or a clock! Many other items are there available with only a teensy small mark-up.

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