Kelly Lovejoy on House Concerts

Following a July 2008 article in the Sunday Life & Style section of called Local houses double as performance venues, Kelly Lovejoy, whose family was featured, wrote this in response to questions on the AlwaysLearning list:
Technically, it's just a party. I think it's nice to warn neighbors of the possible parking issues and stuff, but it hasn't been an issue here. I do know that's not the case in *every* city—some have restrictions and such. It's probably a good idea to ask "the powers that be" whether that's the deal or not.

There are several website about house concerts: .com, .org, etc. But the main one (that I mined for info) now has a book for sale on how to host a house concert—$15, but just two years ago, all that info was available free online. Bummer, huh?

Ben's really into indy music, and most of the acts we host are "Americana" which is kind of "country-folk"—and some are "bluesy-folk." That's just the genre that finds house concerts the most welcoming, I guess. People don't expect homes to be huge. They expect to be a little cramped and snug. We happen to have this bitchin' deck, so we can handle more than most homes in town— but NOT in our living room! We had about 70 for Amy, but we were spread throughout the yard.

But if you call me, I can fill you in on particulars. I think it's a wonderful way to bring music *literally* into your home. We get to meet the artists—up close and personal (most of them spend the night with us)—and we get to meet other music lovers in town. I have stretched my music tastes a bit and have found that I LOVE all the acts who have performed here. I have lots of new friends!

To bring it around to unschooling, it's a great way for the boys to be exposed to really good music in a warm, welcoming (non-smoky) atmosphere. Cameron has been asked to sit in on several songs with different artists (just depends on their style and songs and whatever). Duncan's not making the most of this...yet, but he will, I'm sure, as he gets older.

I also feel that it gives *back*. We get nothing for these concerts. It actually costs us to host them. house gets clean once each month. I get to try new recipes on a regular basis. Locals music lovers have a sweet location to enjoy new music. And we're helping a future *star* along on his/her/their way. It's a wonderful evening for all.


The original notice was this:
One of our new interests is hosting house concerts. On our new bitchin' deck (built by Ren's husband, Bleu), we host a singer-songwriter once a month. We call our series (and the deck) The Opulent 'Possum—kind of "down-home elegant."

The State newspaper did an article on alternative music venues in town and featured The 'Possum.


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