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"It's The Seneschal's Fault"

"It's The Seneschal's Fault"
(The joke that's not a joke)

As you have undoubtedly noticed, seneschals have a greater responsibility than other officers. It's your job to know what's going on, as you're ultimately responsible for smooth functioning. If a difficult situation arises which you can't handle, you don't have to sit there powerless and take the blame later. Notify your superior officer for help. Once you've done what you can and reported the situation, you're in the clear.

Along with the burden of responsibility will come some power and influence. This power is not for you personally; remember you are in another's service. If your situation affords you power, use it to serve the Crown and the group in your charge.

When Your Phone Number Is Published. . .

Some people think it must be neat to get your name in all the newsletters. The higher you get as a seneschal the more newsletters your name is in! Kingdom seneschals' numbers are in other kingdoms' newsletters sometimes, and in Tournaments Illuminated every single quarter. You know why it's in there? So that people can call and give you hell at their convenience and from their time zone. Kingdom seneschals get calls about direction to events several states away from them, about the current phone numbers or addresses of people who've moved away from their kingdoms, from people wanting advertising rates of their kingdom's newsletter, etc. Guess what? It's not okay to say "I'm busy" and hang up. You're the sole published contact person for your kingdom, and you represent hundreds of people when you say "Sure I have that number - I'll get it" or "I have no idea" or "I can't believe you called me to ask that." Your kingdom's reputation is at stake. Just thinking of this makes me proud to be a former kingdom seneschal.



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