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Heralds and Heraldry

The College Of Arms / A College Of Heralds

Few heralds are members of the College of Arms. They are the Laurel King of Arms [1], the Principal Heralds of all the kingdoms, certain member of the Laurel Staff, and selected others (case-by-case useful individuals). These are the people who advise Laurel on which names and devices should be passed and which should be returned.

The College of Heralds of a kingdom is headed by the Principal Herald (also a member of the College of Arms) and includes, depending on the kingdom's traditions and laws, probably these people: Titled Heralds (deputies of the Principal Herald, Principality Heralds), Titled Pursuivants (probably baronial heralds, or deputies of kingdom or principality), local heralds (of shires, cantons) and any others the kingdom considers to be members.

Being a member of a kingdom's College of Heralds doesn't make one a member of the College of Arms.

Just for your amusement, here are the names of the principal heralds of the kingdoms. [2] I'm not naming the kingdoms. The lists is in three forms. It can be a quiz with several questions. Which kingdom does each herald represent? What order are they in? When might each form of the name be used? (The answers are near the end of this chapter.)

Vesper Herald
a.k.a. Vesper Principal Herald
a.k.a. Vesper
Brigantia Herald
Brigantia Principal Herald
Dragon Herald
Dragon Principal Herald
Aten Herald
Aten Principal Herald
Beacon Herald
Beacon Principal Herald
Crescent Herald
Crescent Principal Herald
Star Herald
Star Principal Herald
Triton Herald
Triton Principal Herald
Black Lion Herald
Black Lion Principal Herald
Black Lion
Gold Falcon Herald
Gold Falcon Principal Herald
Gold Falcon
Triskele Herald
Triskele Principal Herald
White Stag Herald
White Stag Principal Herald
White Stag



[1] I'm saying "King" on purpose, because as I write this the Sovereign of Arms is male, and therefore "King of Arms." [3] "Sovereign of Arms" is for use in Corpora and such places where rules are being made for all time, regardless of whether the officeholder will be male or female. I'm not making rules for all time. I'm just talking. Same with "Sovereign" and "Consort" in kingdom law or Corpora. Those are terms for law-writing. Once the crown is on, you call the sovereign either "king" or "queen" as appropriate.

[2] VERY IMPORTANT! This was the 1993 version and other kingdoms have been added. It's a piece of history.

[3] If the SCA's Sovereign of Arms is currently Laurel Queen of Arms instead of King, that's the way it goes. Things change! Don't get attached either way.

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