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Principality Newsletters

Principality newsletters have the advantages of local newsletters, but some of the problems of kingdom newsletters. Articles have to come from all over, and updates on names and addresses are harder to get than if you see the people face-to-face every month or more. Principality newsletters sometimes have more space to spend on arts and sciences articles than kingdom newsletters do. The biggest advantage of all is that you can scoop the kingdom newsletter. Since all your copies are going first class (probably), you can throw some news in (like who won Crown), and have it in the mail in just a couple of days. I recommend that principality newsletters purposely offset their deadlines and mailings from the kingdom newsletter's just for that purpose. If a local person gets the local and principality and kindom newsletter all at the first of the month, whatever happens in the next two weeks will be old news by next month. How about trying to get yours in the mail about the 12th of the month it's dated for, so people have a mid-month report? It's kind of like a morning and evening paper, only medieval-speed. There's no law of nature that says all publications have to be delivered at the first of the month, just that the kingdom newsletters do.

A couple of times in the past principalities have asked that their newsletters be made official, so that people can get them instead of the kingdom newsletter. Although this has been done just before a principality became a kingdom (so that a kingdom newsletter came out just before the crown tournament had actually been held), it can't be done except in that small space between the absolute approval of kingdom status and the separation of the kingdoms. Subgroups are subgroups, and all the people in a principality are still responsible for knowing kingdom law and policies, and have a right to be informed of major kingdom events, so they need to get the kingdom newsletter. As to getting both automatically (through the corporation)-the corporation isn't going to go to that trouble except for a kingdom, but even if they were, the membership of people just in that principality would have to be a different price. Forget it.



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