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Saving Money on Kingdom Newsletters

Kingdom newsletters don't need to be as beautiful as T.I. is. They're not designed to be kept forever, and for back copies to be sold. Consider getting more print for the money with some of these suggestions:

If titles are smaller than would be most esthetically pleasing but you're able to get more information per page, it's worth considering.

Routine lists, like when and where fighter practices are in local groups, are basically legal notices, and could be in tiny print. People in local groups usually know where the fighter practices are; visitors call; those are listed so that we can say they were official so the insurance will be in effect. We're distinguishing the official fighter practices, where the marshal will be, from guys getting together on their own in the same park some other day. The lists of addresses of seneschals and board members could be used if they were tiny but legible, too.

Some kingdoms adopted the rule many long years ago that an event flyer could be only one page long. Time passed, and people (including chroniclers) took it to mean that each event could have one whole page. As I understand it, the original intention was only to say they couldn't have more than one. If prepared event flyers are used, ask people to try to make them 1/2 page, 1/4 page, 2/3 page-something you can work around but that doesn't take a whole page.

On repeat articles, you might require that they start small and save the long one for the month before the event. Four months before the event, people don't need a map. The month of the event, people don't need to know what the feast fee was two months ago. If you told people you wouldn't repeat an article exactly the same way twice, they would be forced to write a series (or at least part A, part B) and maybe in the process would come up with better articles. What you should never do is say "the map appeared last month." If a person becomes a member and gets a newsletter in May, he's entitled to full information for events from then on, and shouldn't have to try to borrow "last month."



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