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What the Trunk Fairy Might Bring You

Sometimes one cheap little tool or item could make the whole difference in success and failure of a project, and that little thing is twenty or a hundred miles away. It would be wonderful to be able to knock on the trunk of your car and wish one of these things into it. At various times I've wished for things like
  • safety pins
  • tape (clear and other)
  • wooden stakes or sticks
  • flashlights
  • extra water
  • cardboard
  • air compressor
  • shovel
  • sand
  • spray cleanser
  • paper towels rags/dish towels
  • scissors
  • rope/twine/string
  • waterproof markers
  • calligraphy equipment
  • copy of Corpora
  • highway map of area
  • hammer
  • nails/tacks
  • extra stakes
  • extra cloth to cover things
  • tarps
  • trash bags (in rain storms)
  • rocks to weight down paper [1]
  • broom
  • swatter (for toilet wasps)
  • firewood
  • wood slats to level things
  • salt
  • cardboard box
  • Bactine
  • stapler
  • extension cord
  • saw
  • work gloves
  • rubber bands
  • bag ties
  • toilet paper
There's no such thing as the trunk fairy. You need to take some of this stuff with you even if you don't think you'll need it.


[1] This is so rarely a problem in New Mexico or Colorado that when a bunch of us went to TYC near Houston we were shocked at not being able to find one single rock of any size. It was a geology lesson that will stick.
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