Links to Photos of HesFes 2005

Addendum to the Holly in England page, built after the third person sent a link to photos. THIS IS GREAT!! Thanks, Micheal, Julie, Raquel and Jasmine!
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Jasmine McNeill's photo page

"Saw your dd at HESFES. She looked to be having a great time..... As we all did. It was wet, wet, wet and muddy, just the way we Brits like it."

I posted some pics at if you are interested.
Michael Peach

Hi Sandra,
I only just found your website today. Someone had mentioned it on the Education Otherwise list and I saw the pictures of Holly in the mud. I thought they were fantastic and thought you might like to see my pictures of HESFES. My daughter, Maya also found the mud alot of fun. Maya is 10 and has been out of school for 6 months. She hasn't taken long to de-school though. I'm reading through your unschooling website and finding it very informative!

Hope Holly enjoys the rest of her holiday

Best wishes,

Mother of Maya aged 10, and Quela aged 8 months

London UK

After I forwarded that e-mail to Holly, she wrote:
Hey yeah!!!!! that is so neat, I love looking at HesFes pictures... Jasmine and I will look at the one's that we have like everyday or so. Leon told me that he's gonna try and get all of them on a disc for me too\ take home.

I'm not sure if I ever met that family but, there was a really good picture of Bobby in there (he was one of my favorites) and a good one of Helena (teaparty) and of the wood work thing that dad was asking about... and the desperate housewives sign (the photo was named 'bushsucks') was the sign that Jazzy and I made. so cool cool cool, Thanks!


Hello Sandra
I have just been reading the account of your daughter Holly's visit to HesFes. It was as great as ever ;o) My family and I love HesFes! It is good to hear Holly enjoyed it so much too.

I saw the pictures of Holly mudsliding- she was the only one at that point but others did have a go after the football match (including I'm told Andy the organiser!) If you have a look at the HesFes site 'Pics' there is a link to "Teenage HESFES Pictures 2003" click that link and then click on 'pictures' and you can get to HesFes 2005 pictures-page 2 includes several pictures of the teens mudsliding. [One]shows my daughter Heather in the middle going down head first and about to get a faceful! Thought you and Holly might enjoy a look.

My other daughter Hetty says to say Hello to Holly

All the Holly mudsliding photos I have are in on page two of those HesFes photos, and there is a good photo of the Groovy Movie tent (marquee; sorry) here:Holly in England

ANY OTHER HES FES '05 LINKS? I'd be glad to add them.