dear sandra,

I am Dr K.P.Sastry educator in Karimnagar found a novel way to unite love of board games. I created a new version of the popular game Snakes and Ladders (VYKUNTAPALI) that teaches the fundamentals of commerce and management. I am working as reader in commerce at SRR government degree and PG college. I used snakes to represent upward trends and ladders to show downward trends in commerce. For example, population explosion is represented by a snake and brings players to poverty, whereas advertising, which leads to higher sales ,is represented by a ladder. In this innovation chart, the basic concepts of 10 subjects, including accountancy, industrial organisation and management, marketing, stock exchange speculation and banking are illustrated using natural and mythological references,ranging from farms and animals to the stories of ARTHNAREESWARA TATWAM and KSHEERASAGAR MATHANAM.for instance, NARADA (the one who monitors information among the three worlds or lokas) into the chart illustrates the importance of effective communication management. This game is basically a low cost teaching aid. My idea was to present the fundamentals of commerce pictorially in the form of a game. I worked on the idea by revising and improving on the original Snakes and Ladders game and symbolically incorporating concepts of commerce. The chart was appreciated by several newspapers and UGC ETC.

I am very happy to know that you are also very much interested in snakes and ladders games of the above type; Now I request you to inform me about the possibility of incorporating my chart also in your website.

yours Friendly

Dr .K.P.Sastry