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Moving a Puddle




Resource Spotlight:

Moving a Puddle and other essays
by Sandra Dodd

Words born of many years' experience, Moving a Puddle offers readers a collection of previously published essays under one cover. All told, the book contains 48 essays, spanning thirteen years, as well as the full version of an interview with Sandra back in 1998.

This collection houses one of my favorite of Sandra's essays, "Your House as a Museum," which captures unschooling so palpably, but I was thrilled to discover several other little gems, no doubt many of which are sqirrelled away in some corner of her website I've yet to explore.

Perhaps the best part is the physicality of the book—being able to hold it, curl up by the fire, or lay it down on the bedside table before turning out the light.


Readers Reviews:

What I am finding so cool about this book, is that so many of the articles are new to me. This is despite numerous lengthy perusals of Sandra's website. Also the pictures are delightful.


This is the first, and only, unschooling book my husband has read. I read it in a few hours, really enjoying every bit of it, and then had left it out for anyone to pick up who was interested, and he did! Strewing works! LOL! Amazing.

It was a lot of fun to see the pictures of the kids, too. I think my DH really appreciated seeing other kids who were unschooling.


I enjoyed every essay. Some were challenging, others I could nod my head in agreement with. What I especially liked is the balance and common sense that is conveyed. It’s a book I can share with others who may be at different points in their experience without scaring them off. That I appreciate very much. The pictures were fun, too!!


I haven't had a chance to sit down and really read this, only skim, but I LOVE that I have all my favorite Sandra essays in one place. I've always wanted to curl up with a bunch of her writing and be able to read it all. I love all the pics of the kids too. Very cool. It's such a nice glimpse into the Dodd household and how natural learning unfolds through the years...from toddlerhood to teenhood.






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