Shameful, nasty duck insertions

The cleaner versions are at twitter!/search?q=%23replaceawordinafamousquotewithduck

and there are a bunch of mine, James and Julie Daniel's, and Sarah and Conchur Dickinson's here:

Duck jokes

The Further Adventures of Ducks

Ducks in the air, on the phone

Don't stop 'til you get a duck

But these are too rude for those nice places. Only adults who are already tainted by depravity should enter this back room with its red lights and beaded curtains. But if you've seen nasty things before already and you don't fear for your soul, duck on in:

Dinah won't you blow
Dinah won't you blow
Dinah won't you blow your du—      —     —ck

I saw her in a hotel lobby masturbating with a [no, that's just too nasty for anybody]