Considerate Children

Wyl, 9, has been extra nice and very thoughtful, lately.

Yesterday, he asked Dave to help him make breakfast for me (scrambled eggs, toast, bacon and orange juice) which he joyfully brought me when I came downstairs.

Recently, he willingly and happily jumped in to help me when Dave was out of town and I was collecting trash to take down to the curb on garbage day, playfully cleaning out from under the little table he and his brother eat, play, watch t.v., etc. at (it tends to collect wrappers, cups, etc., since I can't see under it unless I bend over quite far and specifically look).

He's been very loving and huggy the last week or so.

Today, after Storm was asleep, I turned to see if he looked comfortable and sound asleep before I called down to let Dave and Wyl know Storm was out and noticed he had moved over to the other (Wyl's usual sleeping space) bed (pushed up next to ours). I made sure they knew that so Wyl could be careful getting into bed and not squish or hurt Storm. When he got done brushing his teeth, he came in (Dave had come in to see if I wanted him to move Storm) and asked if he could take a "really quick" bath. Dave went in to take him underwear and help him run water and when he came back in, he said that Wyl had wanted to take a bath so he would be nice and clean when he lay down beside me. Aww, how sweet!

Funny how things start to happen when you quit looking for them to or wondering where the heck they are...

posted May 30, 2008, on Always Learning

The other day I overheard my daughter (5) say to a friend who had stopped by "I'll play a little later, right now I want to see if my Mommy wants to be on the couch while I rub her back." And tonight—"It's the last gummy bear Mom— you want it?"

I used to think all children her age were naturally sweet, but now I think it's because we enjoy each other so much, and enjoy making each other feel good.

Amy (amylizkid1)

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