Dodd photos of Good Vibrations weekend

Click to enlarge. Other people's photos are linked from here.

Thursday we stopped at the Laguna art museum for Kirby to see the WoW art. Others in the street photos are Pam and Cyrus, and Roxana Sorooshian.

Talent Show: I know there will be other photos of the talent show coming from other people. Here's a failed attempt to see the very large audience, but you can hear Kirby's "announcer voice." Someone had Jayn's phone number, and I called her but they had gone back to the other hotel early and she didn't end up performing. I hope if we use that site again there will be lights for the talent show (and for the Amy Steinberg concert, if there is one).

Addition in 2021, to make up for loss of some older images:

same photos can be seen in gallery view here, without enlarging each individually, but notes about what's being seen should be read first. 🙂

"Flat Diana," with Brad and Crystal:

Some of these photos are too dark, but I was trying to take photos of the big crowd at the Amy Steinberg concert and the next night at the talent show, so just in case you can find yourselves or your children in there I'll leave them anyway. You can hear part of a song if you play the video.

Holly knew the song and was dancing and singing, but it was dark there!

Some images and short videos were lost by photobucket; pixels are fragile, sorry.

These were in the same dark place. At least, in the first one, you can hear Kirby's voice. Jayn Coburn had already gone to the other hotel. You can hear a bit of what the introductions were like, though. (sorry, the videos are lost, at least temporarily)

Some gaming at tables inside the bar/lobby: