Sandra's Schedule for Australia
Not public; for reference for host families and coordinators

Friday, February 28, 2014 Departure from Albuquerque VQXVYJ

12:55 pm Alaska Airlines flight 4593 to LAX
8:20 pm Delta flight 417 to Sydney
Sunday, March 2, Arrival at Gold Coast airport
9:30 am Virgin Australia flight 511 from Sydney
Schuyler will pick me up 07 55 939818
Sunday, March 9 flight to Cairns from Brisbane NNMYKS
Depart Brisbane 4:40 pm, Virgin Australia flight 0791
Arrive Cairns 7:00 pm Cat and Willem pick Sandra up from airport to stay at their house in Edge Hill near airport and Botanic Gardens - -
(Cat: 16 Walsh Street, Edge Hill/ 0411170524)
Catherine Hassall
[email protected]

Monday, March 10

Natarsha Marr will pick me up at 8.45am. "Caravonica (where Kuranda Skyrail leaves from) is only a 15-20 minute drive from Cat's place at Edgehill."

Meetup in the afternoon with 15 families or so, take books if pre-ordered.

drive to Mt Molloy with Caroline and stay overnight (Caro: 18 Santowski Cres. Mt. Molloy/0407275600)

Tuesday, March 11
Travel back from Caroline's, have dinner with Caroline, Cat, Natarsha and Nicole
Wednesday, March 12
open (maybe a gathering at the Botanic Gardens, falls, park or a walk to the grocery store!!??) pm: stay at Cat and Willem
Thursday, March 13, Cat and Willem to take Sandra to airport
flight to Adelaide from Cairns SNIDRE
Depart Cairns, 11:25 am, Virgin Australia fight 1416 to Sydney
(Sydney very short connection time, 35 minutes, so if the plane is late this next one might be a problem)
Depart Sydney 4:05 pm Virgin Australia flight 0428
Arrive Adelaide (ADL) 5:45 pm, Virgin Australia flight 0428 from Sydney Jo Isaac will pick me up.

March 19/20 Road Trip with Jo Isaac to Melbourne!

Wednesday, March 26, Melbourne to Gold Coast NQAYJZ

Depart Melbourne (MEL) 12:15 pm, Virgin Australia flight 741
Arrive 1:20 pm Gold Coast

After the Gold Coast gathering: David Fleay Wildlife Park

Saturday, April 5, Gold Coast departure ALFHFC

7:05 pm Virgin Australia flight 544 to Sydney
Sydney, Los Angeles, Albuquerque noonish on Sunday, April 6 ( Travelocity says last leg messed up, too short a transfer, figure it out later)
Be in Austin by Thursday, Kirby will pick me up
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