Early Morning Heart

Hi Sandra,

While I was on my early morning walk the other morning, I was reflecting on some of the things I've read in Just Add Light and Stir, and this picture I took popped into my mind.

I thought I'd share it with you, and you are welcome to use it as you wish. I took the photo while walking near the Mitchell Trail in Los Alamos. The piece of bark is a remnant of some of the burned down trees from the Cerro Grande Fire, and I saw the heart-shaped piece one morning and couldn't get the thought of it out of my head. I kept thinking I should have picked it up. It was nearly a week later when I walked the trail again, and I found it, remarkably, and brought it home to my girls...after snapping a photo of it in the morning light.

Kristi Beguin

Just Add Light and Stir

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