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by SandraDodd, 1998

I read Sandra's article Bored No More and am inspired by it. I certainly will look at that statement differently next time I hear it from my child. I particularly like the idea of being able to create a special time from helping my child to deal with the emotion of boredom. How very respectful.

I forget sometimes to be with my son, and think sometimes of how to get him to leave me alone. What a rut to get into with a person I am trying to nurture to his full potential.

It is always good to be reminded by other people's experiences and suggestions just why I am doing this!

posted 1/27/03 on HEM-Unschooling list

Dear Sandra,

All I can say is thank you thank you thank you for this article! My dear daughter has been coming up to me saying 'I'm bored,' and I would usually try to come up with 'Well..go read....or do the dishes..etc', but reading your article has really given me so much insight into what she is really saying. :)

We spent a nice afternoon cutting up beads (you know, the kind they throw at Mardi Gras–which led to a discussion on Mardi Gras) and making a sort of beaded doorway type thing. :) Don't know what I was saving all the beads for (because every other time she had asked for them, I always said 'no') but after this article....I thought 'O.K....we ARE gonna use these beads and have us some fun!!' Again...thank you for a poke in the right direction.

Very sincerely,

Amy Raygoza
by e-mail, July 2003
Later note: I should note that with that beaded curtain thing......we were using a lighter thing and melting the beads to stick them together, but considering we burned our fingertips a couple dozen glue might be a better idea.

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