On the fridge, in magnetic sleeves that hold more than one photo; newest on top:

Thos images directly; some are larger if you click:

Devyn Lynna Daye Dodd

Ivan Odysseus Dodd

Kirby Athena Denise Dodd

Tommy Kore Lynn Dodd

Wynona Olene Dodd

Kirby's and Destiny's: Devyn, Kirby and Tommy (all girls).
Marty's and Ashlee's: Ivan and Wynnie (the only boy and the youngest girl)
Holly has... a new house!

One more detail from the fridge photo:

This has been fridge art for us, maybe even since before we moved here. I'm pretty sure it's over 20 years old. At some point I laminated what was left of it. This is its third or fourth refrigerator.

BONUS IMAGES (click to enlarge): Devyn, Kirby and Tommy:

Ivan and Wynona/Wynnie:

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