Request for end-of-year assistance, 2014

THANK YOU for you help, all those who donated! I might ask again in November 2015.

I'm closing the 2014 Request, now that it's January 2. :-)

All the website expenses are paid, and 56 people went up the tram on Monday, December 29.

Request for end-of-year assistance, 2014

Send a thank-you note. Not to me.
Send a thank-you note to someone who has helped you this year, or maybe deliver one in person to the nicest person at your grocery store, or a neighbor who smiles and waves.

Maybe someone has been nice to you online, and you could send an e-mail or a facebook message.

Send a Christmas card, or if that's against your religion, maybe a post card or a note in the mail to someone. You probably have stationery in some drawer or box at your house. Get rid of it nicely!

I personally LOVE Christmas cards, and my address is

Sandra Dodd
2905 Tahiti Ct. NE
Albuquerque NM 87112

Comment on an unschooling discussion, or leave a story of success or joy that might inspire others who are reading. Maybe on one of mine (Always Learning at Yahoogroups, or the facebook group Radical Unschooling Info) or on some other group you're on, Thanks!
Help me maintain my website and chat room. Here are my recent expenses, each for a year's worth of service:
$131.28 Website ( is a Yahoo Small Business site, once-upon-a-time Geocities)
$100.00 Google Search, dedicated, no advertisements
$129.00 Chatroom, private, no ads, per year

Sponsor a trip up the mountain!
At $17 a head, I have a few dozen people to get up to Sandia Crest on December 29. Help attendees of Albuquerque ALLive to ride the Sandia Tram to the top of the mountain! We will speak your name aloud in gratitude on that peak if you help get the group up there!
More Information and I fixed a glitch I had created; you can sponsor more than one now, if you want to.