Notes, ThinkWell #5

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1   Well, maybe, yeah. But it's like a chain letter by subscription, or a round-robin letter. We're all getting more mail now. .)

2   Not only knights; any peerage except in cases where it's known the person would prefer a sudden peerage.—ælflaED.)

3   The Venerable Guard is a newish Outlandish order, consisting of those who have been fighting for fifteen years. In July, Tule was inducted along with Gunwaldt Gulbjorn, Nick de Kane, and Avram the Jew. When the king called them forward he announced that they were “the longest fighters in the kingdom.” (Tule's wife is Tess, current Queen of the Outlands. King Irel made the interesting verbal slip.)

4   For my sins, I get to attend all three even when I am not on the Throne, which pretty well fills up Sunday morning. .)

5   Yeah, and that wasn't even at an event, it was at my house. No fair. Mirhaxa and her husband are Kirby's godparents and so stand fairly in line to tear his head off, I guess. —Ælflæd .)

6   Baron: meaning Baron and Baroness. .)