Notes, ThinkWell #4

When TW #4 was mailed, it had 46 subscribers distributed as follows: West 6, East 4, Middle 2, Atenveldt 1, Meridies 4, Caid 4, Ansteorra 1, Atlantia 2, An Tir 2, Calontir 1, Trimaris 1, Outlands 18.

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FOOTNOTES for ThinkWell #4

1   Silver Mullet, and the insignia is rondel spurs, I believe.

2  People are made peers because of respect the other peers and the crown have for them. The respect doesn’t necessarily come after the peerage is given, nor from it.

3  That being the case, I will attempt to refrain from bowing to empty thrones in the East Kingdom lest I be thought a nut amongst nuts. I don't wear armor, and I don’t like to go in public in costume, so at least I’m not as nuts as you are, huh? I feel better already. Thanks.—Ælflæd:

4  She and her husband, Sir Garth of Windhaven, whose further particulars may appear in a future issue.

5  “William The” is how she refers to “William the Lucky” throughout her letter. I just didn’t want you to think I left a word out.

6  Letter dated 8/28/91

7  Ansteorra’s done it in performance competitions, tournament style, two performances as a “bout” and one concedes to the other. Succeeding rounds had to be a different “bardic” form (i.e. a person couldn’t sing through the whole “tournament” but had to recite poetry or tell a tale--different “weapons forms,” as it were).

8  Since the Society’s policy is that mundane law takes precedence, then I don’t think we need a further policy in this area. —Ælflæd:

9  Editor chickens out of exactly quoting the author; those who know Bish well enough may replace “companion” with the original, more specific Yiddish.

10  From Tatiana’s letter (she’s a Laurel and Viscountess from the West): “We recently went through a big confab on the subject of chains, which some people feel are extremely symbolic of the weight of the Oath of Fealty, and certain Laurels and Pelicans felt as they swore an Oath of Fealty no less binding or important than that sworn by Knights, that Laurels and Pelicans should also be allowed to wear chains. An agreement was reached by all three orders in which it is now understood that anyone who has sworn fealty may wear a ‘chain of office’ type chain that goes from shoulder to shoulder, and those who don’t swear fealty may wear their medallion on a wide ribbon. I don’t feel strongly about it either way (my own laurel medallion has a sturdy pin soldered to the back, and I usually wear it as a pin although it may also be worn as a pendant)-—I swore fealty in perpetuity to the Crown of the West when I was made a Laurel, and I generally go up at coronations and re-affirm that oath to whoever’s currently under the hat at the time, if I happen to be in the neighborhood. However, I view fealty as a personal matter between two people, not something to be flaunted about. It’s nobody’s business but mine whether I’ve sworn fealty or not…”

11  note from Ælflæd: Maybe they misread Corpora, where it says only a knight can make a knight, and thought it said only a knight can kill a knight.

12  I know these “Wee Squires,” each of whom is bigger than I am pregnant.

13  If you were to call the author at work, he would answer “Childhood Lead Poisoning”; not “Poisoning Prevention,” but “Poisoning.”

14  Chill out, Bish; it’s a regional problem. Vegetarians never scream at anybody “out West” here. Yours just scream because they’re Yankees. Surely you’re used to that.

15  Ælflæd to Bish: 1) Stupid is stupid. 2) ThinkWell readers are not likely to be the inconsiderate child-dumpers, so 3) You may be preachin’ to the choir.

16  “Educating the ‘bad’ parents”?! Is this like laurels should talk to the other laurels about not being rude and snobbish? Knights should make all their fellow knights be honorable all the time? If those carefully chosen and cohesive groups can’t control one another, how can the very random group of people with by-products of sexual relationships be expected to control each other? Don’t forget, too, that some of the people you’re probably most upset with are not too bright, or they’re hostile, or both.

17  I’ve seen kids fighting with their toy swords and taking the names of famous knights of the day-—people who are present at the tournament. “I’ll be Olaf and you’re Artan.” The kids who are playing marshals and heralds to an admirable job of copying (for better or worse) what they see on the tourney field. –Ælflæd