Notes on the first issue of ThinkWell

by Ælflæd of Duckford, editor and webmistress

The first issue was sent out to people from every kingdom on speculation and to recruit readers. Two copies were sent to each recipient.

In putting #1 online in July 2002, it only NEARLY fit in the file. Here's the section I pulled:


If you have a publication, a business, a service to advertise or an event or activity to publicize, send either photo-ready copy (not necessarily fancy like a PMTójust clean black on white) or just the text (want-ad style) and Iíll put it in one issue. It does not have to be SCA-related. If you collect something or fix computers or want subjects for a college survey or whatever off-the-wall thing it might be, send it. Itís interesting to hear what hobbies and jobs SCA people have. If it works out Iíll repeat it next year; letís see how it goes the first year. Try to make it attractive and interesting, and some-thing that wonít disappear if I reduce it some.

More notes will be added as I'm reminded of things.
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