Ren Allen's Creativity Links

Brain gym exercises~physical techniques to get your brain moving
Enchanted Mind~from puzzles to paradoxes and the power of imagination
Learn about "moodling" and living the creative life
Inner child exercises~healing for those that did not have an idyllic childhood
Article on how to choose creativity and see the magic everywhere
Fabulous website with hands-on methods for developing your creative side
The best website anywhere on the topic of creativity. Unleash your creative genius with Wily!
Test your lateral thinking with some fun exercises
Ten steps for boosting your creativity
Mind games~fun games that encourage divergent thought and links to some great sites
On kids and creativity—good thoughts for teachers or anyone working with children. What stifles creativity and what encourages it?
Soulful living~Article on creating sacred space, a spiritual look at creativity
A program for those that need inner child healing, great for dealing with emotional blockage and anger
Women's creativity~Creative creed and showcase of women's art
An online wellness center to nurture your creative self
New Age article~another spiritual look at creativity
Reflection exercises and other tools for nurturing creativity

Support and learning for writers including a weekly short fiction contest
A "must have" resource for all writers
Short article on creative journaling
Terribly fun language resources, including a "Shakespearean insulter"
Creative techniques and activities for journaling
Writing prompts and exercises, plus an online mad libs
Many contests and links on writing
Information galore on journaling, novel writing, overcoming blockage and more

Several articles on art from a spiritual point of view
Links to scads of art related places on the web
The best store for art supplies anywhere!
Art for healing
Loads of artsy articles
Fabulous list of art projects, including an edible color wheel
Create your own funky, modern art online. Fun and easy!
Museum of web design, with a great kids interactive area
Specifically a graphic design resource, I think it's a fabulous resource for any artist
Support organization for artists in NW Florida

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