Raymond the Quiet of House Sternedell

Raymond started in the SCA in 1973 and was one of the founding members of al-Barran. He was created a knight in 1975 by King Robert II of Atenveldt, although since Robert was not himself a knight, he was dubbed by Sir Ton the Traveler. He was the first knight to be made in the Outlands. He was invested as the founding Baron of al-Barran in May of 1976, and was granted the title the Baron al-Barran, which he has used since then. He was created the second Walker of the Way by the Lord of the Outlands, Ulrick von Matanuska a week later. He was admitted to the Ancient and Honorable Order of the Laurel in February of 1978 and the Most Noble Order of the Pelican in November of that same year, making Raymond the first triple peer in the Outlands.

Raymond retired as baron in 1979 and has continued to play and be a fundamental part of the outlands. In the spring of 1986 before the first Outlands crown tournament, Sir Raymond lead the team that designed and commissioned 'Lightning' the kingdom's sword of state, and Raymond presented the sword to King Gunwaldt after he had been crowned the Outlands' first King.

Raymond's jewelry, armor and knowledge are an essential part of the Outlands, and one of the greatest assets this Kingdom possesses.

—His Grace, Sir Artan macAilin composed this biography

From the Wimble Herald page:
Raymond the Quiet (al-Barran)
Name And Device Registered
[Argent, a bend between a compass-star of eight points vert and in bend two hawks volant affronty fesswise sable]
Argent, a bend between a compass-star of eight points vert and in bend two hawks volant affronty fesswise sable

KSCA -- (ATENVELDT)1975-05-24
Laurel -- (ATENVELDT)1978-02-19
Pelican -- (ATENVELDT)1978-11-05
Light of Atenveldt -- Atenveldt1976-04-04
Scorpion of al-Barran -- al-Barran1985-02-09
Russian Thistle of al-Barran -- al-Barran2006-05-27
Founding Baron -- AL-BARRAN1976-05-24
Territorial Baron - Retired -- al-Barran9999-12-31
Walker of the Way -- the Outlands1976-05-31
Venerable Guard -- the Outlands1988-02-27
Heart of the Scorpion of al-Barran -- al-Barran1995-11-19
Knights Pensioners of the Venerable Guard -- the Outlands2004-05-28

Raymond at Guest Fest with Helena the Fortunate
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