November 20, 2016, Deborah Cunefare posted:
AOL Homeschool Connection friends will remember Pattie Donahue-Krueger, who posted as PJADK and later wrote encouraging joyful unschooling articles for F.U.N. News, EHO, and other publications. Her oldest son Chris grew up to marry my oldest daughter Melissa, who shares today the sad news of her passing with this tribute:
"I'm incredibly lucky to have been welcomed into this family by such an amazing person. Miss her already."

Raise a glass in her honor, and pass the love around. From Chris:

"Friends, our loving mother Pattie (Patch) passed Friday morning (November 18th).

As many of you know, Mom was always there to present a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen to your stories and problems, and would provide an answer with a kind heart. She loved a good book and the sound of rain outside her window, she loved the arts and laughing at oversized appliances, and Her cleverness and wit were unmatched. She set an example of how one should treat others and gave everyone the benefit of the doubt. While the world may feel a little darker at the moment, and nothing will ever fill the void left by her, we will continue to live by her example and look at the world with optimism, hope, & love.

Thank you for your kind thoughts and words over the last 10 months. We all appreciated it, as did Patch. Right now we are keeping things close to home. But if/when we do plan something larger we will let you know."

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