Viscountess Lore de Lorraine

Second Princess of the Outlands, as Lorene of Lircadia

Autobiography shared on the Outlands History list in January 2008:
Lore de Lorraine here, although when I started the SCA and lived in the Outlands I was known as Lorene of Lircadia (which didn't pass the College of Heralds, once I finally got around to registering it). I was told by a herald that in French one would pronounce "Lore" the same as "Lori," which works for me ... although evidently there is/was a lady who pronounces it as one syllable, with a long "o."

I will preface everything that follows with the disclaimer that these are my personal recollections, from over 30 years ago now. Several members of this list may remember things differently, and that's well and good ;-) My spellings of names are also certainly subject to correction.

I was introduced to the SCA in al-Barran in the fall of 1974. Heinrich der Jager, whom I dated in high school, learned about the Society from a fencing class he took at UNM. My first "event" was an informal party at (I believe) Sir Raymond the Quiet's house - no one was in garb, and I believe it might have been one of the first planning meetings as to whether the start an SCA chapter in Albuquerque. The first "formal" event I attended was an Atenveldt Crown Tournament in Phoenix, travelling from Albuquerque in a van with Heironymous and Sir Dafyyd the Silvertongued.

I received an AoA at Grand Outlandish 1977. I was active on and off in al-Barran until moving to the Citadel in 1984, when Jochen & Monika were Baron and Baroness. My son was born there in 1986; I missed attending the first Outlands Crown Tourney due to pregnancy complications :-( In 1987 I moved to the Barony of TirYsgithr, in the Kingdom of Atenveldt (Tucson, Arizona) where I currently reside. The Kingdom split (and some of the disagreements and differences which have arisen since) have been tough on me, I admit. I am indeed an Atenveldt Viscountess (although they consider me "foreign" ;-) but my heart will always belong to The Outlands. I can often be found at Grand Outlandish, frequently camping with Kegs End.

By the might of Sir Heinrich, I reigned as the second Princess of the Outlands. During our reign we all (Gunwaldt [who was first Prince, of course], Heinrich & myself, Wilhelm of the Boggs [3rd Prince] and Marcus Arabis) lived in the house on Princess Jeanne, and threw some great revels there. After my move to Atenveldt (and my children grew up a bit) I received a Light of Atenveldt from Trelon and Varia in 1992 and the Order of Pelican in 1993 from Elric and Larissa.

I have served as List Mistress and Deputy Seneschal at the baronial level, Water Bearer at the Principality and Kingdom officer levels, and had an extremely interesting and informative experience working as the paid Executive Assistant to the SCA Board of Directors from 1994 to 1996 (thanks, AElflaed!)

Several of my photos and other bits of Outlands history can be found in the Files and Photos sections of this list. I appreciate this opportunity to share my memories and learn from others.

Visc. Lore de Lorraine, Pel.
Barony of TirYsgithr, Kingdom of Atenveldt

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With AElflaed and Kate Holford at Grand Outlandish in 2007
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