Leif Ivarson

Bill Hammond

Leif Ivarson died July 13, 2010, in an accident at work. He had seen some of his Outlands and Atenveldt friends the weekend before at Battlemoor, in southern Colorado.

Leif was knighted at the first Grand Outlandish after the Outlands became a kingdom. He served as King of the Outlands with Ishtar, and later with Elisheva. (November 4, 1989 to May 3, 1990 and May 1 to November 6, 1993, respectively.)

Other awards:
Grail of Grace, May 1985
Hawk's Lure, October 1985
Golden Pheon, March 1988
Scorpion's Sting of al-Barran, December 1993

My small life is better for having known a great man.
I praise his spirit and share loss, even from so great a distance.
Long Live Leif!

Master Ulrich Von Matanuska

Master Tore's photo; he wrote
"Viking ship in the clouds as we were building Leif's funeral pyre"Click the image for comments
My friend Bill

A philosopher once said
“It's no different than
diving into a very cold pool
and swimming out the other side”

Bill dove into that pool
like so many before
but instead of swimming
he rode in a boat of frost and air

We stood on the edge
and watched him sail
some right near the fire
some quite far away, yet still close enough to smell the smoke

He stood at the rail
Young and old all at once, and strong as always
and watched us drink his name
his fame, our love, our pain

And he waved from the rail
as he sailed away
knowing we'd all meet again

Cathyn McKenna

Death in the SCA. How we cope with loss is sometimes hard for the real world to understand.
a blogpost ending with:
And to those who knew him well; may Duke Leif be waiting with a horn of mead, when you approach the Great Hall for the first time. And he will say, "Welcome, friend! I can't wait to show you around!"

Some newspaper articles from Nevada:

Scenic man killed at Reid Gardner power plant

REID-GARDNER STATION: Victim of industrial accident at NV Energy plant identified

The top portrait photo is by Gabrielle Angel Dee Lilly
      taken at Battlemoor, July 2010
The photo of Leif's knighting (I think is) by Gail Starr/Rowanne.

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