Offices Held in the Society
Including stints as royalty, which are not really offices

(If they seem not to be in order, it's because there were often two at once.)

AElflaed of Duckford

Chronicler of Shadowskeep (a now-defunct shire I helped found in my hometown)
July 1977 until after the shire was dissolved
(The newsletter, Shadowspeak, remained as a general-interest magazine with 40 subscribers, and I published until the subscriptions were gone, in 1980.)
Arts Officer, Shadowskeep
July to December 1977 (?)

Seneschal of the Principality of the Outlands
December 17, 1977 - July 8, 1978    Read the bio/resume I sent to the kingdom seneschal

Seneschal of the Kingdom of Atenveldt
July 8, 1978 - July 1981
(with breaks for a one-month trip to England and six months as princess of the Outlands)
[Turned down offer to be steward, at Ansteorra's first Crown Tournament, May 12, 1979.]
Princess of the Outlands
July 5, 1980 - January 17, 1981
Deputy Steward July 4, 1981 - August 1

Steward August 1, 1981 - August 4, 1985

Chronicler of Barony of al-Barran
September 1982 - September 1983

Society Chronicler (Director of Publications, SCA, Inc.)
August 4, 1985 - February 1987

Chronicler, Principality of the Outlands
pre-January 1984 - July 1984
(then a failed attempt by another chronicler)
January 1985 - December 1985

Queen of the Outlands
June 14, 1986-November 1, 1986

Chronicler of the Barony of al-Barran
May 1989 - December 1990
The list above was prepared for a resumé in 1993, and doesn't include SCA Executive Director or Kingdom Chronicler, but I'll add those when I find the dates...
maybe I was corporate chronicler another time in there too; will look...

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