ďA personís freedom of learning is part of his freedom of thought, even more basic than his freedom of speech.Ē ~John Holt

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The message boards have been overrun by robotic spam zombies, and are being phased out. If you wrote something wonderful you'd like to save, please do. If you find something worth preserving for all posterity, please send a recommendation to Sandra Dodd or Joyce Fetteroll.


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Some more active and current resources:
      Joyfully Rejoycing, About Unschooling and the Radical Unschoolers Network.

Unschooling.info was created in September, 2005 by Pam Sorooshian and Rue Kream, with the assistance of Jon Kream, Joyce Fetteroll, Karen Tucker and a few others, to provide resources for unschoolers.

In April, 2009, the active personnel who are shepherding what's left of it are Joyce Fetteroll, Sandra Dodd, Pam Sorooshian and Katherine Anderson. This neighborhood is not hoppin'.