College Issues
This reminds me of when I first began exploring unschooling. My dh and a friend were chatting with me about it...things were getting a bit heated. Me (no college degree but six years off and on enrollment for various interests) on one side and my dh and friend (both with undergrads) on the other. And one made the comment "when you get your degree you'll appreciate it more." To which my reaction was the most enjoyable laugh I'd had in awhile.

My dh runs our small marina 3 days/week 1/2 the year and is a musician with his double major in Psych and Philo. The friend works for an airline, at the desk and has for 12 years with her Poly-Sci and Foreign Language degree. At the time I was making more than the two of them combined and in my mid-twenties with six years less under my belt. Even in retrospect it's hilarious.

Anyway, of the people I know and spend time with 60% have degrees (either grad or undergrad) from respectable institutions, only ONE is employed in their field of interest, she's an epidemiologist. Of the five (including me) without degrees of any type one is an animator/indie film maker, one is a cinematographer, one is about to purchase the bar/venue she's run for the past 8 years, one is a musician (touring with Conor Oberst _Bright Eyes_ as I write this), and then there's me, too scattered to have a particular career to persue, but sweetly set up developing marketing materials from home for a great company with a great boss.

With all that said, I guess you can't prove anything about unschooling, but it sure makes a good case against the traditional route.

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