Blakes' Lotaburger, nearby locations.

In order of distance from A (the hotel) according to google maps:

F:     2100 Eubank Up the road on the right, 1.4 miles
B:     7520 Lomas 2 miles even, an older shop without much indoor seating. Most people get the food and then eat in the car, in the winter (or at outdoor tables in nicer weather).
D:     1801 Juan Tabo 2.1 miles, newer restaurant (indoor tables), but don't follow those blue lines. Right on Lomas, left on Juan Tabo.
E:     156 Wyoming 2.3 miles, near Central Ave, which was old Rt. 66.
C:     7701 Menaul 3.1 miles
no good reason to go that far, unless you need a large mall, in which case Coronado mall is just past that half a mile on Menaul.
GOOD burgers. Also barbecue sandwiches, hot dogs, corn dogs, seasoned fries, regular fries, sodas and milkshakes. Maybe chicken and fish sandwiches; sometimes those are seasonal (for Lent). Maybe a few other things, but not many.

Oh! Online menu. I don't think all locations have breakfasts yet.

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