Here are some of my favorite affirmations and I don't remember where I got them... they were all written out carefully in blue ink, by me, years ago. My first guess would be Daily Affirmations for Adult Children of Alcoholics. —Sandra

I journey to the core of my being: here is wholeness and gratitude.

I am excited by life and filled with life's abundant blessings.

I am capable, confident, and secure concerning all that I do.

I am worthwhile and lovable.

Everything I need I possess in this moment.

I am at peace with all people at all times, including myself.

Love and laughter flow in me and through me.

I think, speak, and act only health and wholeness in my life.

I am empty of fear and guilt
I am filled with acceptance and love.

I have the power to choose my own destiny, aware of my goodness and the goodness of life.

I am a worthwhile person who lives life with patience and understanding towards others and myself.

I claim my birthright to happiness and harmony.

I am at peace and offer all creation compassion and goodwill.

I possess everything I need, and I perceive the good in everything I encounter.