Craig's Home Movie

Gillian wrote to the Live & Learn list:

I am so thrilled to announce that Craig's home movie of the 2006 Live & Learn Conference is now up and running on Dan Vilter's website! Dan has been gracious enough to spend a good deal of time downloading it and setting it up so everyone can see it. Thank you Dan!

We really wanted to show something at the actual conference, but with so much going on Craig didn't get as much time to work on it as he thought he would. I am biased of course, but I think Craig has made a pretty cool memory of the week in Albuquerque. I hope you all get a little thrill jetting yourselves back to that wonderful week! Thank you so much to everyone - we had such an amazing time at our first L&L, and it could never have happened without all of you being so very welcoming and friendly!

We've used the movie to remember our trip, but also to share with friends and family who are a little unsure what the heck we were doing in Abq - it seems to work better than an explanation. And I am thinking it would also be useful for someone who is wondering if they might come to an L&L conference or a regional offshoot in the future. So please feel free to link to it on your various lists, blogs, and websites. We will bring a few full dvd copies of it as raffle items for the Oregon and North Carolina conferences next year as well.

Note that in its entirety the movie is 8 1/2 minutes long, so it does take a few minutes to download, hang in there.

The link to Dan's L&L photos is as follows and Craig's movie is linked at the bottom of the page:

There is also a direct link straight to the movie itself:

Many thanks again to Dan for posting it for us!

Gillian & Craig
of Effie (7) and Fergus (3)
Victoria, BC,